Trussells Butchers

Trussell the Butcher's new site is under construction.

143 London Road, Knebworth, Hertfordshire, SG3 6EX.
Telephone: 01438 812304

Our anilmals are reared at a slower more mature rate, which gives a traditional flavour and is more succulent than mass produced meat. We visit all the farms that supply our meat, where the farmers are passionate about the welfare of their animals as happy animals create better quality meat. Our farmers do not use growth promoters or pump their meat ful of water and chemicals.

Well hung meat prepared by skilled tradesmen, barbeque meats, freezer orders all packed labelled and delivered free of charge. We also run a mobile shop to reach villages in Hertfordshire, if you want it to call on you please phone the shop.

Trussells Shop
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